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the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet

the craniometric point at the junction of the sagittal and lamboid sutures of the skull

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The research methodology consists of the literature study with the focus on the C++14 standard that allow implementation of lambda calculus.
For the selection we asked several keywords, such as: lambda calculus, functional programming, etc.;
Using C++14 standard we made small implementations of lambda calculus, such as combinators, conditionals, booleans and numbers.
Godel (1906-1978) Incompleteness Theorem, A.Church(1903-1995) proposed lambda calculus as an alternative computing model for A.Turing (1912-1954) Automata, that served as base for the next generation of functional programming languages.
In the Brookhaven study, the team verified the presence of doubly strange hypernuclei by using a cylindrical detection chamber to recognize pairs of particles called pions, which are produced when lambdas decay.
A theory developed in 1977 suggests that lambdas would readily fuse together into 6-quark particles called H's, each composed of two strange, two up, and two down quarks.
If H's had formed in the experiment, lambdas wouldn't have disintegrated into detectable pions, because lambda fusions would have happened a hundred million times faster than lambda decays, Rusek explains.