Lamaze method

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a method that prepares a mother for natural childbirth

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Michaels, Childbirth Pain Relief and the Soviet Origins of the Lamaze Method (Seattle: NCEEER, 2007), 1-31; John D.
In opposition to such violent, medicalized births, obstetricians such as Grantly Dick-Read (Natural Childbirth, 1933) and Fernand Lamaze (Painless Childbirth: the Lamaze Method, 1956) introduced more-natural methods, laying groundwork for the contemporary birth movement.
When she was expecting her second daughter, a neighbor mentioned the Lamaze method of childbirth.
The hypnoreflexogenous technique is compared to the Lamaze method, and objections to hypnosis are addressed.
The Lamaze method didn't reach the United States until 1959, when Marjorie Karmel, who had given birth earlier in a Lamaze clinic in France, brought it here.