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a theory of organic evolution claiming that acquired characteristics are transmitted to offspring

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Biologist Paul Kammerer wrote that Lamarckian inheritance offered "a more beautiful and worthy method [to improve humanity] than that advanced by fanatic race enthusiasts, which is based upon the relentless struggle for existence, through race hatred and selection of races, which doubtless are thoroughly distasteful to many" (439, qtd.
Through Lamarckian inheritance and personal cultivation, an individual must also possess the right sensibility derived from the right type of culture within the race: what Bentley discusses as Arnoldian Culture (71).
Carlos Closson attributes Catholicism and the "taxpaying capacity" to Lamarckian inheritance (Stocking 251).
Assuming epigenetic changes through chromosome marking, Jablonka and Lamb start their argument for the possibility of Lamarckian inheritance by suggesting that environmental effects may induce stable epigenetic changes.