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a dialect of English spoken in the Lowlands of Scotland

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Without dropping names, Lallan said the two brothers are like real siblings.
Actually the state has become plagued with politics of "caste and communalism." That is what Lallan was alluding to in his speech quoted above and what Lalu Prasad hammers away against his rival.
As Lallan said, one is a rustic the other shrewd because he is educated.
Wandering seg, suffused with greens, yellows and blues (in contrast to the reds and blacks of Lallan's and Michael's stories), is pure mainstream Bollywood, complete with three musical numbers, and the weakest part of the otherwise tightly constructed movie.
Here, the men's fates begin to intertwine, with Arjun becoming politicized and joining Michael's campaign while Lallan goes from bad to worse as a psychotic thug and all-round bad husband to Sashi.
In his most powerful role to date, Bachchan drives the pic as the violent, tightly wound Lallan, while Devgan--whose strong screen persona has produced some memorable villains in the past ("Company," "Khakee")--turns a potentially goody-goody role into a dramatically strong counterweight.
Lallan's family members said the police had seized his motorcycle and registered a case against him for trespassing, on the basis of a complaint by his neighbour.
Lallan's son Kaushalendra said his father had gone to the SDM's court to get his motorcycle released.
He claimed that when Lallan went to meet the SDM, Vaishya suddenly turned angry and verbally abused him.
The incident took place around 5 pm and Lallan died an hour later outside the SDM's chamber.
" I don't know whether he died of shock or injuries," Lallan's son said.
Lallan Kumar, local president of the Youth Congress, said the police baton-charged the protesters despite a peaceful demonstration.