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Synonyms for liaison

Synonyms for liaison

a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship

a channel for communication between groups

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At that time, Laison was the desk officer on duty at the Marikina police headquarters.
Laison with a neonatologist for management of possible pre-term neonates is recommended.
These agenda are planning, allocating, faculty laison, cooperative collection development, evaluating, acquisition alternatives and selection efficiency.
"The police family laison officers fully notified us about the appeal date and we have all decided to go through to Edinburgh on the day.
TABLEAU 4 Le devenir des operations anterieures : desenclavement et activites agricoles et para-agricoles dans la region Ouest PROJETS ANNONCES ORIENTATIONS 1976-1980 1981-1985 Desenclavement total --Programme d'urgence --Amelioration des dans la zone de la pistes rurales, DESENCLAVEMENT savanne Ouest notamment la piste --Projet sucrier de Guiglo--Tabou Borolou --Bitumage de l'axe Nord Odienne-San- pedro --Amelioration de la laison Danane-Guinee --Reconversion --Amenagement vallee structurelle du du Cavalry verger caferier.
Former International Eisteddfod chairman and festival company laison officer Gethin Davies said: 'It is absolutely fantastic news.
Meyer also savaged the Queen's Own Rifles and the North Shore Regiment as they tried to cross the Laison River.
THE neighbourhood Police Officer and school laison officer - Bob Leyland says: "It is never a bad thing for the producers of any soap to highlight social issues such as bullying.
"It is extremely important that our Native laison officer, Mary Brock, is fluent in Cree and English, quite frankly, to facilitate communication between home and school among Aboriginal families.
[Extrait de Laison, le journal de l'Universite de Sherbrooke, Volume XXXV, No.
"So there was laison between everyone right from the start.
As if reading tea leaves, local road presenters across the country are studying these and other signs as they ponder whether Jonathan Laison's "Rent," one of the biggest Broadway hits of the decade, will translate to the hinterlands.
Independently from NDR he holds positions within ARD: At the turn of 1992/93 he became chairman of the ARD, he is a member of the ARD's information group on foreign affairs and represents the ARD as TV Laison Officer for the ABU.
The Community Laison Manager, Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, (EEDC), Mr Tony Obi who said that his team had been duly directed to ascertain the various communities in the local government that needed urgent attention, explained that over six million people in the South East are benefiting from power generation and noted that sixty-one transformers have been provided in Ihiala, out of which forty had been suspended and twenty-one of them very active.