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city in northeast Pakistan

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The second is Munna Lahori, a foreign terrorist and the mastermind behind the attack.
According to Lahori, it made sense for Manrre Reit to hold off for a more opportune time for new investors to come on board into the fund and for existing ones to exit, if they so choose.
Dubai remains a world-class, safe-haven investment destination," remarked Lahori.
Last month, police arrested three suspects for their alleged involvement in raping and killing a nine-year-old girl at Lahori Gate.
Mr Broast BBQ Restaurant, specialising in Hyderabadi and Lahori cuisines, inaugurated its new branch in Doha recently.
As we get closer to 2020, we believe this is the right time to launch Manrre," said Manohar Lahori, chairman of Palmon Group.
He said that ten table tennis teams from across the country including Rawal Jugni, Peshawar Dilawar, Faisalabad Sherdil, Quetta defender, Multan Sufee, Karachi Kararay, Lahori Ustaad, Sargodha Shaheen, Bahawalpur Nawab and Islamabad Metropolitan are participating in the event.
He was 68.Nicknamed Munna Lahori, Rehman was in dire straits for quite some time due to a lack of work and deteriorating health.
It showcases bridal wear, formal wear, shoes and accessories and has tapped into the wealth of rich Pakistani fabrics, employing the skills of experienced Lahori craftsmen for hand embroidery and intricately detailed work.
The Lahori menu popular among the local residents and visitors at the restaurant includes Chapli Kebab, Nihari Ghost, Bannu Kebab, Fish Korma, Miyanji ki Dal and Bakarkhani Roti.
The December 26 to January 14 course was conducted by Oman's Khalid Al Lahori, an experienced instructor who is also the Manager of Development and Education Department at the OFA, and Bahraini expert Fahad Al Mukhareq with the participation of 23 coaches.
In another incident at Lahori Gate, a 58- year- old woman was found dead inside her flat on Monday.
The traditional and unprecedented Lahori response to counter such national crisis has accelerated the pace of collection and distribution of relief goods.
There is a great selection of meat, fish and veggie dishes and for starters my Lahori fried fish (pounds 3.95) went down a treat.
(Pirzada: 1980) Prominent amongst those who opposed the establishment of Pakistan from the platform of JUH included Sayyid Ataullah Shah Bukhari and Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahori. Punjab was also a centre of Hindu revivalist movements Punjab Arya Parti Nadi and also the abode of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian who founded Qadianiyyat which has been ruled as a sect outside the pale of Islam through the Constitution Second Amendment Act 1974.