Lagerstroemia speciosa

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native to Asia, Australia, and East Indies, where it provides timber called pyinma

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Antidiabetes and anti- obesity activity of Lagerstroemia speciosa.
Antioxidant effect of Lagerstroemia speciosa Pers (banaba) leaf extract in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice.
Antiobesity activity of extracts from Lagerstroemia speciosa L.
Antinociceptive activity of methanol extract of Kalanchoe pinnata leaves and Lagerstroemia speciosa bark was examined using method as previously described (Deb et al.
Two doses of crude chloroform extract of bark of Lagerstroemia speciosa were tested for any writhing inhibitory activity in acetic acid-induced pain model in mice.
The present study evaluated the antinociceptive potential of crude methanolic extract of Kalanchoe pinnata leaves and crude chloroform extract of Lagerstroemia speciosa bark in acetic acid-induced writhing model in mice.
Both leaf extract of Kalanchoe pinnata and bark extract of Lagerstroemia speciosa caused significant reductions of writhings induced by intraperitoneal administration of acetic acid in mice in the present study.
Active compounds from Lagerstroemia speciosa, insulin-like glucose uptake-stimulatory/inhibitory and adipocyte differentiationinhibitory activities in 3T3-L1 cells.
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Amelioration of cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity in mice by an ethyl acetate extract of Lagerstroemia speciosa (L).