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French pirate who aided the United States in the War of 1812 and received an official pardon for his crimes (1780-1826)

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"The technical choices we have made were driven by our objectives of providing superior performance on circuits, roads or any terrain," added Laffite.
Out on the Jarama race track just to the north of the Spanish capital, Madrid and scene of some epic Grand Prix tussles in the 1970s involving legends such as Gilles Villeneuve, Jacques Laffite and John Watson, the RS showed its mettle in no uncertain fashion.
y Laffite, J., Amor conyugal y Vocacion a la Santidad, Santiago: Universidad Catolica de Chile, 1996.
[3] Andry, C.; Wylde, C.; Laffite, C.; Privat, G.; Winternitz, I.
This is like a voice a wine, it's like an instrument with what we call a timbre, which is different--a Steinway is not the same, and that's the difference between Laffite and Latour, between a Guarnerius and a Stradivarius.
Race speeds of each 40 m length resulting from this study (Figure 2), without considering the underwater phases, are in line with average speeds found in literature (Laffite et al., 2004; Robertson at al., 2009), included the highest swimming speed of the first length, which is attributable to the dive start (Laffite et al., 2004).
Laure Fagnart analiza los bienes muebles que se conservaban en su interior, y Marie Pierre Laffite la rica biblioteca que arroja una sugestiva luz sobre la cultura juridica del cardenal.
There is little new here for those familiar with the exploits of Joseph Savary and other black contemporaries of the famous Laffite brothers.
Grau se inserta en la tradicion de automatas e ingenieros--cita a Vaucason, Laffite Daussat, los automatas de Nuremberg, asi como a Juanelo, el relojero de Carlos V (38)-, y Capek en la tradicion de la ingenieria y la biogenetica, aunque los resultados de ambos son androides con conciencia de si mismos que se rebelan contra sus creadores: el primero como artilugio metalico (vease nota 4) y el segundo organico.