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United States economist who proposed the Laffer curve (born in 1940)

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Demand-Side Approach and the Trap of Fake Laffer Effects
You have to be able to consistently turn-out the product, doing large batches," Laffer explains.
The Laffer curve is related to the trade-off between distribution (how the pie is shared) and efficiency (the size of the pie) in two ways: First, if the tax rate to be chosen affects very high earners (whose well-being is not very sensitive to small changes in after-tax earnings), then the revenue-maximizing tax rate approximately coincides with the socially optimal tax rate (i.e., in this case more revenue is better, regardless of the tax burden for top earners).
NexPoint Residential Trust Inc (NYSE:NXRT) (NXRT) on Tuesday named Arthur Laffer and James Dondero as members of its board of directors and Laffer was also appointed chairman of the Compensation Committee and Dondero as chairman of the board.
With his consultancy partners Art Laffer and Peter Tanous, Moore also wrote The End of Prosperity (Threshold Editions, 2008), which offers great insight into the bank investment and mortgage/real estate collapse.
It has been six years since his departure, but Laffer still thinks the state is worth saving.
Arthur Laffer, as the first lecturer in this series.
Laffer Associates researchers used data from drug testing company Millennium Laboratories to conduct the analysis, which is believed to break new ground in examining both the costs and benefits of testing specifically for the chronic pain treatment population.
Our analysis demonstrates a clear correlation between increased UDT and the probability that patients will adhere to their medications," maintains Wayne Winegarden, principal investigator of the study and a principal at Laffer Associates.
In discussing progressivity and drawing on the Laffer curve (or as an MSc student of mine recently commented 'you're having a Laffer') soaking the rich does not generate anticipated revenue and only increases incentives for avoidance, begging the question: does CGT only really exist to serve as a barrier against income tax avoidance?
Laffer, "Father of Supply-Side Economics" and inventor of the Laffer Curve, will be an economic advisor to the firm's investment committee and executive management team.
The question of where Oregon stands on Laffer's Curve will be at the center of the coming debate over a pair of state tax increases that are all but assured of appearing on the ballot in January.
The Laffer Curve is also popularly associated with Republican politicians.
Perhaps American economist Arthur Laffer, who studied the inverse relationship between tax rates and tax collections, wasn't even known as an economist then.
He referred to the Laffer curve, a graph named after economist Arthur Laffer, which shows tax revenues rise to a limited extent when tax rates increase, but actually start falling if tax rates become too high.