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a title used to address any peeress except a duchess

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I am, as I told your ladyship in my first letter, in the law.
If your ladyship was to make any complaint to Kenge and Carboy or to Mr.
To be sure I shall never mention a word that your ladyship would not have me.
With that intimation her ladyship threw herself back in her chair, with her elbows on the arms, and her fingers joined at the tips, as if she was receiving a deputation.
cried her ladyship, in a tone of touching remonstrance.
I found that her ladyship had certainly gained in health during the last few days.
Before he could reply her ladyship recovered herself a little and spoke.
Your ladyship does not generally take your jewels with you into the country.
The covers, the goblets, and the dishes, with their covers, the eau-epergne, the ice-pails, the dishes for the preserves, and the tea and coffee urns, cost your ladyship sixty thousand francs.
I have got a plan to meet the difficulty," said Sergeant Cuff, "if your ladyship will consent to it.
Betteredge," answered the Sergeant, "if I can tell them I am going to examine the wardrobes of EVERYBODY-- from her ladyship downwards--who slept in the house on Wednesday night.
Neither her ladyship nor the Baron can explain it; and no investigation that we could make has thrown the smallest light on this event, or has justified us in associating it, directly or indirectly, with the object of our inquiry.
We have also found opportunities of speaking privately to the old woman who attends to the rooms occupied by her ladyship and the Baron.
Her ladyship, with great condescension, arose to receive them; and as Mrs.
I am surprised that your ladyship should not understand me," she said, struggling to conceal her confusion.