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An absolute "must-have" for any household with lactose-intolerant residents
They've turned us all into lactose-intolerant meanies.
The companies note that the system can also be used to deliver vitamins, nutrition, or supplements to beverages, and that even lactose-intolerant children can enjoy the straws, since the flavors go equally well with soy and other milk alternatives.
Most, but not all of the lactose (natural milk sugar) in yogurt is digested by beneficial bacteria, so the majority of lactose-intolerant people can eat yogurt unless they are very sensitive.
Owner Jim Byrnes' shop is divided by wall-size windows and a door, with the "people side" serving 12 flavors of Ashby's Sterling Ice Cream as well as frozen custard made onsite; while the god side serves ice cream designed for diabetic and lactose-intolerant people.
It is usually not necessary to eliminate dairy foods from the diets of lactose-intolerant children and adolescents, and doing so may compromise their long-term skeletal health.
Plus it's dairy-free, so lactose-intolerant customers can enjoy the rich, creamy sauce without suffering indigestion.
Khosla explains that someday patients with celiac disease might take these two enzymes in a pill with gluten-heavy meals, much as lactose-intolerant people can take a pill if they want to eat dairy products.
Sheese is also popular among other consumers who are lactose-intolerant or allergic to dairy products.
Bright Beginnings Soy Pediatric Drink is a ready-to-drink supplement specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of children who may be allergic to cow's milk protein or are lactose-intolerant.
Nick Griffin, of Buffalo Gold based in Leighton Buzzard, Buckinghamshire, said the milk could be used by people who were lactose-intolerant and had also helped clear up eczema and irritable bowel syndrome.
We're a family of lactose-intolerant people, and I've been searching for a recipe just like this.
Not all dairy causes digestive problems in lactose-intolerant people.
For example, ingestion of the bacteria may reduce the severity and frequency of diarrheal diseases, as well as improve lactose digestibility among lactose-intolerant individuals.
And most lactose-intolerant people don't even have to give up milk.