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A novel polymorphism associated with lactose tolerance in Africa: multiple causes for lactase persistence?
Indirect conventional testing using either the hydrogen breath test or lactose tolerance test has limitations.
133) 'that sometimes the domesticator becomes genetically modified to suit the domesticant' (as, in this case, with regard to lactose tolerance in adult North European milk consumers).
Lactose intolerance is diagnosed by a lactose tolerance test, which consists of drinking a lactose-containing liquid, and getting blood samples taken to indicate how well lactose is used by your body.
This raises the question whether lactose tolerance developed through the practice of dairy farming or whether the other way round.
Did we start with the lactose tolerance and did that lead to dairy farming, or did the exposure to milk come first and produce the evolution of lactose tolerance?
Lactose tolerance test: Your doctor needs to administer this test.
Manual tests that mass spec-based breath analyzers are replacing or competing with include carbon-14 glycine cholate tests for bacterial overgrowth, carbon-14 lactose breath tests, carbon-14 stool excretion intestinal biopsies, intestinal intubations for culture intestinal perfusion, lactose barium radiography lactose tolerance tests, and stool pH tests for fecal reducing substances.
The lactose tolerance test can be given to older children as well as adults.
These approaches can improve lactose tolerance to the point that people can consume diets that are quite rich in calcium and in milk and experience no difference in their symptoms from eating a diet without the milk.