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any of the lymphatic vessels that convey chyle from the small intestine to the thoracic duct

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The reason for this result might be as follows: the obstruction and disruption of the intestinal lacteals were not as severe as those of the intrathoracic lacteals, and the rupture of the dilated intestinal lacteals gradually healed with decreased CVP after pericardiectomy.
The foam cells in Whipple disease are replenished with PAS-positive, diastase-resistant bacterial inclusions, and they are accompanied by dilated lacteals.
Having travelled through the lacteals and thoracic duct, the CM enter the venous circulation at the subclavian vein.
Many characteristics generally found in mammals were also seen in bats, such as the presence of central lacteals in the lamina propria of the villi, and an outer muscular layer composed of a circular and a longitudinal layer, the former increasing in thickness as it approaches the large intestine.
A description of the lacteals, lymphatic fluid, the ovaries and at least part of the uterine tubes, flowed too from his keen observations.
Since it is mainly long chain fatty acids that are absorbed from the intestines via lacteals and enter the central circulation at the thoracic duct (Shils, Olson, & Shike, 1994), enteral intake of long chain fats must be severely limited.