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an ancient region of southern Greece in the southeastern Peloponnesus

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The Greeks had highly developed hounds for hunting which they called Laconians.
With "laconic elan"--terseness of the physically-inclined Laconians (Spartans) (Thompson, 1995:759)--and vivacity, dash or explosiveness of a kin with the French root elancer which means to launch (Thompson, 1995:434), the swimmer answers in double irony: "Landmine" (Livingstone, 1991:21).
Those Laconians who were neither helots nor Spartans lived in communities of "dwellers around," bound to Sparta by treaties so that they could organize no action on their own.
Simonides was talking about those who had fallen in battle, victims of the powerful Lakedaimonians, also called Laconians, or Spartans, who had prevailed in the struggle for Peloponnesian supremacy, and had imposed their harsh rule on the vanquished.
The Messenian helots probably worked principally as agricultural laborers, while their Laconian counterparts, dwelling in closer proximity to their masters, could serve in other, more direct fashions, such as personal servants or as military support.