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a resident of Laconia

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Lycurgus divided the Laconian land equally amongst all Spartans (7.
He has been called "the most vital interdisciplinary thinker to emerge in recent years" (Kay 1) and is famous for mixing Laconian psychoanalysis with philosophy, popular culture, Marxism, and political theory.
Also, as Spartans relied on foreign admirers for comprehending their own past, the appearance of mirroring in Attic appreciations of Spartan uniqueness influenced Laconian self-realization.
The dictionary will tell you the word comes from Laconian, another word for Spartan, because the Spartans were like our Puritans - they hated anything extravagant and flowery, even in their speech.
An Introductory Dictionary of Laconian Psychoanalysis.
They were enabled to do this because the new Spartan state had reduced elements of the Laconian population to the status of state serfs, or helots, who worked on acreage that was assigned to support families of the similars.
Then together they raise and lower their wands, and complicate their steps, now in such fashion as the Curetes and devout Samothracians use, now turning to face each other in the Amazonian comb, now in the ring wherein the Delian sets the Laconian girls a-dancing, and whirls them shouting her praises into her own Amyclae.
6) I would assume the same for the Laconian Hyakinthia as described by Polycrates, FGrH 588 F 1, where the boys' chorus [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
I'd baked a rich Laconian cake at Pylos, When round he runs, filches my cake, and off with it To serve it up to Demos as his own.
In retirement, Mary was very active and held leadership roles in the Greek Orthodox Church, the Daughters of Penelope, the Philoptochus Society, the Laconian Society.
Historians and archaeologists discuss new observations on a Laconian sanctuary of Apollo; an archaic head in the Archaeological Museum of Sparta; Spartan self-representation in the panhellenic sanctuaries of Delphi and Olympia in the classical period; early terracotta images on the Athenian acropolis; the Spartans and the sea; changing modes of early hellenistic Sparta interacting with the wider world; Plutarch's Sparta; democracy, knowledge, and public action in classical Athens; and the early Greek polis from Homer to Lycurgan Sparta and Solonian Athens.
The Laconian Leonidas, who performed a like exploit at Thermopylae, because of his valour won unexampled glory and gratitude from all Greece, and was honoured with memorials of the highest distinction; they showed their appreciation of that deed of his by pictures, statues and honourary inscriptions, in their histories, and in other ways; but the tribune of the soldiers, who had done the same thing and saved an army, gained small glory for his deeds.
Cult and Allegory: The Life Story of Artemidoros of Perge," in [PHI]l[lambda]O[lambda][alpha][kappa][omega]v: Laconian Studies in Honour of Hector Catling, ed.
4)--a leitmotif that merges into the ethnic epithets of the hunting dogs as "Locrian, Laconian, Indian, and Cretan" (at 1.