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a resident of Laconia

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Lycurgus divided the Laconian land equally amongst all Spartans (7.
She held leadership roles in the Greek Orthodox Church, the Daughters of Penelope, the Philoptochus Society and the Laconian Society.
In 1904, the BSA published its first papers on Laconian subjects: one on epigraphy and another on a topographical study in the tradition of Pausanias.
I cannot bring myself to accept his theory that the unification of Attica was delayed until the end of the sixth century, or that before Cleisthenes's constitutional reforms of 508, "the rural Attic settlements of the paralia and mesogaia were regarded as perioikic communities" on the Laconian model (p.
The black pygmy-like characters whose headdresses allow them to appear initially as potted plants are modeled on Beardsley's drawing The Laconian Ambassador, in which a small man from Sparta sports an exposed penis that competes in size with the rest of his body [Fig.
The dictionary will tell you the word comes from Laconian, another word for Spartan, because the Spartans were like our Puritans - they hated anything extravagant and flowery, even in their speech.