Labrador Peninsula

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a peninsular region of eastern Canada between Hudson Bay and the Labrador Sea

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Explorations in the Interior of the Labrador Peninsula.
Birds of the Labrador Peninsula and adjacent areas: A distributional list.
We suggest that the island is an alternative breeding ground for the species during years of low prey abundance on the Labrador Peninsula.
We hypothesize that during years of low prey abundance on portions of the nearby Labrador Peninsula, many rough-legged hawks move southward to insular Newfoundland in search of breeding territories that support a higher abundance of prey.
Moreover, the separation of these invasions by five years is consistent with the hypothesis that numbers of rough-legged hawks seen in Newfoundland are related to the three- to five-year cycles of small mammal abundance on the Labrador Peninsula (Elton, 1942).
This fact suggests that prey availability would have been extremely low when rough-legged hawks arrived on breeding grounds on the Labrador Peninsula in the spring of 1988.
Presumably hawks moving from the Labrador Peninsula onto insular Newfoundland in search of breeding territories would do so at the Strait of Belle Isle and travel down the Northern Peninsula (Fig.
Results indicated that laying dates in Newfoundland did not differ from those on the Labrador Peninsula.