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The past few weeks have seemed like a contest to see who in Labour would go the farthest down the path of Islamo-leftism, which is, alas, a strong tendency within the European left and among Britain's Labourites in particular.
Justice Shahid Kareem passed the interim orders on a petition filed by High Noon Labourites (Pvt) Limited challenging a LDA notice for commercialization of its factory situated at Multan Road.
They are die-hard New Labourites who quickly forget that New Labour left the country broke with a deficit of circa PS200billion after 13 years of Gordon Brown, ably advised by Ed Miliband and Ed Balls (says it all doesnt it).
Research Journal will be published with the consultation and cooperation of Hydro Carbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP), Islamabad and the library of the Institute is being computerized and labourites and other infrastructure are also upgraded and improved.
At the launch of a book on the referendum, Wales Says Yes, on Thursday, Labourites joshed with Plaid members, Plaid members hugged Lib Dems they fought in the metaphorical trenches alongside.
Labourites wanted a Blair Mark II, keeping all the good bits and adding some more.
New Labour Leader Ed Miliband plans to make several visits, and party whips expect all Mersey Labourites to play an active role.
More likely is that Conservatives panellists, better drilled on 'the line' by their party HQ, tend to bang out their responses quicker than the wittering Labourites.
And Labourites were confident the "will he won't he" snap poll tease would leave Mr Cameron adrift in a leaky lifeboat as he sailed into a storm of dissent at his own party conference.
The working classes, together with hard-core Labourites and the Government's politically correct mob, think the Hunt Brigade are a load of toffee-nosed tossers - and they may well be right.
The Labourites also had the support of the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Francis Bourne.
Although the electoral successes of the Democrats and Labourites in the 1990s is largely attributable to popular disillusionment with right wing politics, efforts to formulate an ideological alternative continues apace.
Trouble is this lump of whale blubber still goes down well with old Labourites which is why TB has to keep him on.
It could be that New Labourites are simply better at covering up their misdeeds, not to mention their mistresses.