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While Tony Blair pays for private tuition for his own children by masters from the elite Westminster public school, the Prime Minister is far from the only New Labourite paying for Westminster School's resources.
The first two are massive conurbations; our place, previously being referred to as a sparsely populated, desolate region, packed with unchanging Labourite supporters.
If it's late September it must be another Labourite selling their poison to a right-wing paper to damage the party that made them.
I'm all right Jack, says the Tory, the New Labourite, and for all I know, the Lib Dem.
However, Mr Blair is far from the only New Labourite paying for Westminster School's resources.
It seems you are only interested in sensationalising one side of the argument while underplaying the extreme cultural fascist views of anti-Welsh Labourite MPs.
She said that she dreamed of winning election to Westminster as a land-owning Labourite.
Blair was never a Labourite nor a Socialist, which is why the middle-class upwards kept tipping him the nod and filling his pockets.
Die-hard old Labourite Booth, 72, regularly attacks Blairite policy.
MAY I vent my spleen on Labourite pensioner fanatics, benefit scroungers, and Mrs Thatcher bashers.
Stewart, a die-hard Labourite, is seen as an inspiration to millions as he fought his way up from tough childhood to the top of the acting profession.
For 27 years from 1950, its MP was Labourite Roy Jenkins, who floorcrossed to spearhead the Liberal-Democrats before bowing out as a European Commissioner.
This dichotomy between the so called Labourite North East society and the selfish freebie-seeking individualism of pensioners sums up the grasping, something-for-nothing driving force that rules the North East.
Since the debate every floating voter, every disaffected Labourite, is swimming madly towards the Lib-Dem lifeboat.
Goodbye to over-claiming Labourite Margaret Moran who belatedly read the writing on the wall by resigning.