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The building, believed to be built in the 1930s, was once the town's labour exchange, and has seen many of Loughborough's citizens cross its doors through the years.
The site is mainly made up of part of the front facade of the former Labour Exchange - a locally listed building - a steep embankment which was previously woodland, and land to the back of the war memorial, also including a section of the promenade which runs along Penydarren Road.
The professions that are indeed in lacking are very different from the list provided by the Labour Exchange ...
It will subsidize up to three months of training in private firms for 1,500 beneficiaries, help expand the current electronic labour exchange, and conduct studies aimed at developing a national employment strategy.
In the Middle Ages it was not only a place of worship, but a market place and a labour exchange. Wine sellers operated in the nave and other traders did business in the church's various entrances and often managed to install themselves inside.
Many fine tradesmen find themselves back at the labour exchange as more and more factories opt for the cheaper option of producing goods abroad - and no leading political party is doing anything to stop it.
Some years ago, when chairing a YTS committee (I hasten to say that I probably had still a lot to learn), a former Labour Exchange clerk, obviously a lady who had been promoted beyond her natural ceiling, said to me: "I have moved bricks around my garden, which proved to me that girls are responsible enough and physically strong enough to become bricklayers!" As a former lecturer, City & Guilds examiner, chartered builder and chartered member of the Chartered Institution of Personnel Development, I was absolutely gobsmacked!
Dearing was a working class boy who had left grammar school in Hull at 16, to be a clerk at his local labour exchange.
During February 35,000 new vacancies, 4,000 more than a year earlier, were reported to labour exchange offices.
Beyond the architectural strategy, Rambuteau believed that the construction would provide jobs for the workers who came every morning to the "Labour Exchange" just outside his office, and thus distract them from politics.
The photos appear to have been taken in the 1930s, but little has changed regarding Limehurst school, and the former labour exchange building in Cradock Street, Loughborough.
On this day in 1934 they targeted a traditional May Day meeting by the Independent Labour Party outside the Labour Exchange at Windmill Hills.
The former labour exchange, on Penydarren Road, has had planning permission granted by Merthyr Tydfil council for 12 houses and eight flats.
Lithuanian Labour Exchange information system of test environment, and is currently building the Youth Guarantee initiative monitoring module, software maintenance and development services.