labour camp

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a penal institution for political prisoners who are used as forced labor


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The defendants are said to have pelted policemen with firebombs in Ma'ameer on November 12, 2018 and then hurled Molotov cocktails at a nearby labour camp.
"Labourer's family was brought from Chhatisgarh to work for a construction site where they were allotted a house in labour camp near the construction site.
"The blaze caused destruction of an air conditioner and some other belongings at the gutted labour camp at Al Uraibi area."
On the occasion, Zulfikar Bukhari went inside the labour camp and personally asked individuals about the facilities that were being provided and the problems that they had been facing.
UAE-based Gemini Property Developers is distributing 20,000 Iftar meals to the labourers in the industrial areas and labour camps of Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman during Ramadan as part of its corporate social responsibility programme.
DUBAI: Over one hundred women workers from three labour camps in Dubai were treated to a special movie screening of the Bollywood movie Padman last Friday.
The labour camp projects are part of the company's strategy for 2020, as is its planned seven-star hotel in Ruwais , Edward explained, revealing that the hotel will feature water chalets.
Inviting guests and those who wish to take part, Coya Dubai will continue to prepare, package and deliver specially tailored Iftar boxes from Coya Dubai's kitchen to a targeted list of labour camps.
Meanwhile, Abdullah Belhoul, CEO of Dubai Industrial City, said: "We have labour camps based on high standards and we have high level of services and we want to raise the level of labour camps.
Field traces the history of Britain's labour camps from private efforts in the late 19th century to government-sponsored initiatives in the 20th, with most chapters generally following a rise and fall arc.
The documents on 152 Spaniards who perished in the labour camp shed some light and told their stories to their families that did not know what happened to their loved ones.
Desperate to escape the Nazi labour camp where he works alongside Lida from Making Bombs for Hitler, young Luka hides in a truck under a pile of dead bodies.
The American missionary Kenneth Bae was moved from a North Korean hospital back to a labour camp last month on the same day he made a public appeal for Washington to help get him home, the US state department has said, citing Swedish diplomats who met with the prisoner.
China will loosen its decadesold one-child policy by allowing two children for families with one parent who was an only child and will abolish a much-criticised labour camp system, its ruling Communist Party says.