La Paz

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capital city in western Bolivia and the administrative seat of Bolivia's government

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According to Phivolcs, the quake of tectonic origin happened 6:55 p.m with its epicenter recorded some 9 kilometers northeast of La Paz at a depth of 8 kilometers.
Approximately half of the funds went to purchase original pieces from local La Paz artisans.
En 1966 Teresa fue una de las fundadoras del departamento de Historia de la UMSA de La Paz.
The so-called indigenous neighborhoods were home to recent indigenous migrants from rural areas, urban transplants from other cities, and mixed-race and socially and economically diverse populations born in La Paz. (2) To call them "indigenous neighborhoods" is somewhat misleading, and yet this is the label by which they were known, partly because they were so strongly associated with Bolivia's indigenous populations.