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LTH Traktor works with its local construction equipment dealer--Swecon Anlaggningsmaskiner--to find the best machinery for the application and to adapt that machinery to work underground.
La variacion de la resistencia a la penetracion y la porosidad esta asociada a los cambios de la densidad aparente; asi, LTH y LTA que presentaron valores altos de resistencia a la penetracion, tambien presentan los menores cambios en la porosidad total (Tablas 1 y 3).
En los primeros 15 cm, el mayor incremento lo mostro LTH (-0.
Previous studies have indicated that LTH in Aplysia is expressed, in part, presynaptically.
Abbreviations: EPSP, excitatory postsynaptic potential; LLH, long-lasting habituation; LTD, long-term depression; LTH, long-term habituation; LTP, long-term potentiation; STH, short-term habituation.
However, by the time I arrived at LTHS four years later, Engelhardt was looking to add a class to take the program to the next level--one that was project-based, instead of problem-based; one that would challenge students to think at a deeper level; and lastly, one that equipped students with a new set of skills that not only fostered a pathway to the automotive industry, but also embraced the maker/do-it-yourself mentality.
For PE 3408 or PE 3608 materials with an HDB of 800 psi at 140[degrees]F, the interpolated LTHS at 87[degrees]F is about 1,435 psi, or a reduction of 165 psi.
When he was drafted into World War I, the LTHS school board sought out a suitable replacement and found one in Diamond Lake native Lloyd C.
Underbrink was working on finishing his college education degree, but the LTHS board hired him before he could finish.