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inflammation of the larynx and trachea and bronchial passageways

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priimami "Lietuviu tremtiniu svietimo nuostatai" ir organizuojama LTB Svietimo valdyba, kuriai buvo pavestas visas tolesnis svietimo tvarkymas (Ciziunas 1971).
In addition, LTB has leased sq ft 136,700 (12,700[m.sup.2]) of concreted apron area and 29,062 sq ft (2,700[m.sup.2]) of workshop and office space from Budapest Airport.
Somente 11% dos empregados apresentavam valores acima do LTB vigente no Brasil, que e de 10 mg/g de creatinina na urina, no ano da demissao; quando se considera o valor medio ao longo do periodo de ocupacao (1975-1993), essa proporcao chega a ser de 23,6%.
TABLE 8 Estimated Long-Run Coefficients for Equations of Group 3 Variables LTB Equation LER Equation LTB - 0.0624 ** (1.97) LCOPS 0.3926 (0.88) -0.0952 (-1.51) LWTIS 0.6091 ** (1.96) -0.03021 (-0.70) LGOLD -0.6935 (-0.62) -0.3381 ** (-2.38) LSLVR 2.6467 *** (3.28) 0.0653 (0.78) LER 0.8882 (0.58) - CC -7.3321 (-0.24) 7.1125 *** (9.34) IRAQ03 0.0863 (0.24) -0.0575 (-1.26) D911 -1.1662 *** (-4.18) -0.0692 D97 -0.2885 (-0.75) -0.0331 (-0.66) D00 -0.4509 (-1.54) 0.1047 *** (2.86) Notes: Only the results for cointegrating equations are reported.
For this LTB system, driving forces of up to 20,000 newtons (4,500 pounds) at speeds of 1 meter per second are required.
Just for grins, I weighed 10 each of Berger's 52-grain .22 Match and 168-grain, 30-caliber LTB bullets.
In contrast to epiglottitis, laryngotracheobronchitis (LTB) is classified as subglottic airway obstruction.
LTB Lasertechnik Berline supplies nitrogen lasers for Bruker Daltonics' autoflex MALDI-TOF systems.
The sale of KAP does not include WK's legal, tax and business publishering units LTB North America and LTB Europe.
The medical term for croup is laryngotracheobronchitis or LTB. Remembering our word derivations, this simply means inflammation (itis) of the voice box (laryngo), wind pipe (tracheo) and breathing tubes (bronchi).
LTB believes that the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002 is a key marketing opportunity as history and pageantry are among the leading reasons for visiting London.
Colortech 10001-80 and LTB 0065 are developmental silica antiblocks.