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a bluish translucent magnetic liquid obtained by compressing gaseous oxygen and then cooling it below its boiling point

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However, for the V8 + VT treatment, the same did not occur; therefore, it was possible to notice a higher expression of LOX enzyme for hybrids belonging to the group considered susceptible to grain rot, hybrids P 30F53H, P 32R48H, P 30R50H, and DKB 390PRO (Figure 2).
The present study reveals that licofelone, a dual inhibitor of COX and LOX pathways, decreases cell survival in a time and dose dependent manner.
Annie D'Alessandro, LOX Regional Marketing Manager explains:
One customer recalls how his grandfather only realized his success after he served belly lox at a party; a woman's children reminisce about how she gave them herring each year for Rosh Hashanah, although none of them actually liked the fish.
As hangar-bay chief, I decided to move the LOX cart to elevator No.
After confirming a loose wire was not the culprit, the AME2 then hooked up LOX to the aircraft's oxygen system, trying to refill it.
3-acre property at West 11th and Renne Street almost four years ago that they chose the location for its visibility and its proximity to both the Eugene Airport and Eugene Freezing & Storage, where Oregon Lox stores its products.
5-kDa recombinase Cre that catalyzes recombination between 34-bp recombination targets called lox sites.
warns one bagel manufacturer, "Always put lox on your bagels," they continue.
From Bagels and Lox to Mexican Fajitas and Japanese Tofu Snacks, kids receive a range of dishes from different cultures.
Its Decora-style knockouts accept lox voltage switches and controls.
The system is based on the ability to temporally and spatially induce the expression of CRE recombinase which then binds to directly repeated lox sites flanking the transgene in question leading to the precise excision of the gene cassette.
Robert Lebovic, aka "The Salmon Guy," offers a variety of self-caught wild salmon, lox and other fish year-round, with home delivery to the Asheville, NC area.
offers the new LX-31 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope, which uses objectives of 5X, lox, 20X and 50X on a 4-position revolving nosepiece.