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an honorary law degree

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In Figure 1, an example rung of a LLD program (written using Siemens Simatic Step 7 software [4]) is given.
sup][10],[11] Therefore, the multiplier method is the best choice to predict limb length and LLD for Chinese children with osteosarcoma.
This purpose of this review is to discuss LLD in three phases of THA.
20,34,35) Anatomical or structural LLD is caused by side-to-side differences in lower limb length, due to actual bony asymmetry existing between the level of the femur head and the calcaneus.
65) One unfortunate LLD candidate, the Newcastle solicitor and author Basil Helmore, had his topic approved in 1936 and submitted his thesis in 1940.
The LLD of postoperative and preoperative was the difference from the peak of the greater trochanter to the line between bilateral tear-drop.
A very distinctive zero shear viscosity plateau for 3132 might represent much more linear chains if compared to 4201 and LLD.
LLD is commonly computed as a ratio of mean to initial lumens, where mean lumens are taken to be the lumens produced at 40% of rated life.
Sporting her trademark tousled bed head and fresh face, Sienna played up for the cameras in a black LLD by Emilio Pucci.
Using the conventional cTnT assay (LLD, 10 ng/L = 99th percentile of the reference population), cTnT values greater than the LLD were found in only 2 patients of the CM group, whereas the control subjects and all other patients were cTnT negative.
We report a patient with the rare triad of PRCA, thymoma and LLD who was treated with corticosteroids and thymectomy followed by B cell depletion therapy with rituximab (RTX).
Based on Borealis' proprietary Borstal[R] LLD bimodal technology, the range was developed specifically to optimise the enhanced film properties and production efficiency benefits created by MDO processing technology.
Ali Hassan Alfageeh, Senior Consultant, Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council; Professor Poh Kam Wong, Professor at National University of Singapore (NUS)'s Business School and Director of Entrepreneurship; and Edward Roderick Hon LLD, Co-Chairman of Envestors MENA.
LLD Lotion Pump--lock up feature prevents accidental dispensing; offered in a variety of attractive custom finishes