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an honorary law degree

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4201 and LLD behave similarly as they can be considered to have a linear structure that is in accordance to their lower shear thinning behavior (Fig, 1).
If the owner planned to replace the system at 50,000 hours, then it might be argued that a LLD of greater than 0.
Ladylike but not too stuffy, the LLD is perfect for the forthcoming Christmas party season and is a refreshing twist on the simple LBD (Little Black Dress).
Figure 1, B, shows that the percentage of HS cTnT values greater than the LLD was significantly lower in the group without cardiomyopathy (5%) compared with patients with mild or moderate cardiomyopathy (31%; P < .
Again, 5000 simulations based on the maximum-likelihood parameters were carried out and the LLD values ranked in an empirical curve.
Buying surpassed selling following the Treasury Department's decision to provide $5 billion to GMAC Financial Services LLD from its $700 billion financial rescue fund.
But that hasn't stopped Mirza, who has had his council email signature amended to read: DrMirza Ahmad LLD (Hon), MBA, LLM, Barrister.
YES President and founder of British Kidney Patient Association Elizabeth Despard Ward, OBE, Hon LLD
Sundin, president of Winterberry Hollow LLD and Seasons Development.
While the LLD program has been replicated at multiple sites across the country, a recent empirical evaluation of the LLD found no impact of the program on any of 20 outcome variables (The Behrend College's Center for Organizational Research & Evaluation, 2003a; 2003b).
He said officers were desperate to trace the red VW Golf - J804 LLD.
All the rough stones (from LLD, the second-largest international diamond mining company) are certified.
She held four honorary degrees: LLD from Rutgers University, Drexel Institute in Philadelphia and Cedar Crest College, and LHD from the University of Hartford.
This month, Robert Dye, CMA, FCMA, LLD, president and CEO of CMA Canada, takes the discussion to a new level.