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Dez genotipos diploides de bananeira foram avaliados, quais sejam: Nyarmo Yik, Thong Dok Mak, Berlim, Pisang Ceylan, Tungia, Madu, Lidi, Ouro, Malbut e Calcutta (Tabela 1).
"The volcanic ash is still pouring down at the four villages of Nitanglea, Rokirole, Kesokoja, and Lidi on the volcano's slope," Hendrasto, head of the volcano observation section at the Volcanic and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG) in Bandung said on Monday.
La mancanza, dopo il remake della Cinquecento, di nuovi modelli in grado di segnare il costume italiano (come Fiat ha fatto per quasi un secolo) e la prova provata di una fuga degli investimenti dalla fabbrica ad altri lidi, dal prodotto all'economia immateriale.
Then El Alagui repaid the compliment to Weatherston by se se sett tt ttin in ing up the winger, sli lidi di ding ng ng a del el elic icat at ate setting up the winger, sliding a delicate pass in front of him.
"Two of my friends - Lidi Smith and Sophie Coventry - really helped with all the organisation because I couldn't do it all myself."
A media para o teor de vitamina C dentro do grupo diploide foi de 25,02mg 100[g.sup.-1], destacando-se os diploides Lidi com 54,19mg 100[g.sup.-1], Tuugia com 51,09mg 100[g.sup.-1] e Pisang Kermain com 48,53mg 100[g.sup.-1].
Kha= lidi lectured at the University of Chicago until 2003, while Obama taught l= aw there from 1993 until his election to the Senate in 2004.
Kracel jsem misty, na nichz podle vseobecne viry byly o vyrocnich nabozenskych slavnostech konany lidske obeti a ktera podle tvrzeni mistnich lidi jeste neposkvmila noha belocha.
One of the guests at the ball in Anna Karenina, the beautiful Lidi Korsunsky, attracts attention with her strongly decollete dress ("naked to an impossible degree").
Rinaldi emphasizes the underlying Neoplatonic elements in Tasso's work, which she suggests could be the result of Patrizi's influence (48), even if Tasso progressively leaned toward the "rassicuranti lidi del razionalisrno arisrorelico" (15), a tendency evident in his reply to Patrizi's defense of Ariosto's poem.
But just as "Lidi" [1968-70] is still in me, so too is "Cafe Deutschland," as are the stage sets and costumes for The Rake's Progess in Salzburg in the early '90s, which you and I worked on together.