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a gonadotropic hormone that is secreted by the anterior pituitary

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"Now, with LHS 3844B, we have a terrestrial planet outside our Solar System where for the first time we can determine observational that an atmosphere is not present."
Success of the LHS program subsequently led to a request from the chief medical officer at affiliated Gottlieb Memorial Hospital to assemble a well-being task force there.
Under Fitch's Revenue Supported Criteria (Rating Criteria for Public-Sector, Revenue-Supported Debt, February 2018), the following rating factors are reflected in PKP LHS's standalone 'BBB' rating:
2009); however, there has been limited attention given to the unique skills and knowledge that LHS researchers need to be successful and to contribute optimally to the development of health systems.
Earlier, PKP LHS tested a new route for the delivery of goods from the European Union to Iran.
XRD pattern of the LHS (salicylate) revealed two series of basal reflections, which correspond to basal spacing of 12.77 [Angstrom] (main phase) and 14.8 [Angstrom] (contamination).
Also, the company said that Mendelson reports to the LHS president and chief executive officer, Todd W Lillibridge.
The Boosters are proud and honored that the LHS marching and jazz bands have been invited to perform at Disney World Florida on three occasions.
Los Angeles, CA, June 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Love Hope Strength Foundation (LHS) is pleased to announce a new collaboration with World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (World Wide) the to raise awareness for the award-winning feature film, Ways To Live Forever.
ADAM EQUIPMENT has introduced heavy-duty SHS and LHS hanging scales to measure suspended items.
10468 mobile teams have been deployed for 11 districts of KPK, 1197 fixed teams and 265 LHS have been deployed for this polio campaign.
Now, prevent it by detecting over-heating conditions with the help of System Sensor - Linear Heating Sensing (LHS) Cable.
4,658.821 million related to the stipend of Lady Health Workers/ LHS and drivers etc.
It's his latest fundraising venture, Mount Fuji Rocks, which sees him combine hiking with music, for his Love Hope Strength (LHS) foundation, which supports cancer sufferers around the globe.