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In the council's report, the 'benchmark' charges - which have already been implemented in London - range between a daily toll of PS12.50 to PS100: |CAZ category D charge: PS12.50 for car, LGV, taxi.
It sees possible charges reduced from PS12.50 to PS8 per day for cars, LGV and taxis, and from PS100 to PS50 per day for HGVs and buses, while penalty charges also reduce.
So, I saw the new LGVs for the first time in the Umarex booth at the SHOT Show.
All the new LGVs have threaded muzzles protected by removable caps.
As an LGV driver, you would drive commercial vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, including rigid trucks, articulated lorries, tankers, transporters and trailer wagons.
To become an LGV driver you must have a valid LGV licence.
These calculation apply to all vehicles and LGVs, with the exception of the 70mph calculation, which applies to all vehicles EXCEPT LGVs.
The system's free-ranging LGVs navigate by a system (Lazerway) that involves horizontal laser scanning information combined with vehicle odometry data.
MANY miles of the M62 and M1 are, at present, covered by 50 mph limits enforced by 'average speed cameras.' In the usually congested state of these stretches, some LGV drivers tailgate cars dangerously close.
The LGV licence is divided into two categories: category C allows you to drive rigid vehicles over 7.5 tonnes and category C&E allows you to drive articulated lorries and lorries towing a trailer.