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resinlike substance secreted by certain lac insects

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As part of the restoration, LCT 7074 will be taken apart and reassembled so she can be properly catalogued, and conservation work will be undertaken on her hull, superstructure and interior spaces.
Section 2 reviews the preliminaries about the WVD and the LCT. In Section 3, some new properties of WDL are deduced and the relationship between WDL and other transforms is investigated.
On the night of June 7, LCT 427, made Gold beach to discharge its vital cargo of tanks and men before returning to the Solent, off Portsmouth, but was cut in half by a battleship HMS Rodney, steaming at full speed.
Arthur and his fellow crew members had to stay in Portsmouth for four days as their LCT underwent repairs.
in 2014 is in line with our study which compared the slow and fast pranayama practice, reporting that, after 12 weeks of pranayama practice, there was a significant decrease in LCT (time) (P < 0.001), number of omissions in LCT (P < 0.001), duration of TTA (P < 0.001), and duration TTB (P < 0.001), in both slow and fast pranayama groups but not in the control group.
MV Eastern Endeavour, then, supposedly requested a port-to-port passage with LCT Poseidon 29, advising the latter to maneuver and stay on hard port rudder to increase its closest point of approach.
The agency's VSEIs initially found LCT Bato Twin half submerged before it went down off the Cagban Jetty Port in Boracay Island.
Meanwhile five more ships, MSC Salum, MSC Maeva, MS Tiger, Guangz Hoyu and NCC Qamar with Containers, Chemical and LCT are ready to berth during last 24 hours.
Five ships, MSC Saturn, MSC Maeva, MS Tiger, Guangz Hoyu and NCC Qamar with Containers, Chemical and LCT are expected to take berths at QICT, PQEPT and LCT respectively on Monday.
By Park Jae-hyuk POSCO Engineering amp; Construction (Eamp;C) has come under scrutiny for a series of deaths of its workers this year, including an accident that killed four workers and injured four others at a construction site of LCT, a high-rise apartment complex in Haeundae, Busan.
he Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) signed, today, an agreement with Lotte Chemical Titan (LCT), one of the largest polyolefin producers in South East Asia, for the sale of up to one million tonnes per year of naphtha to the Malaysian petrochemicals' company, over the next three years.
Testicular tumors have a low incidence (3-10/100.000 men per year in Western societies) and Leydig cell tumors (LCT) or Leydigiomas as the most common type of sex cord-stromal tumors account for approximately 3% of them [6].
Pairwise comparisons were made between each of the 19 time points for control (LCT) and experimental (MCT) trials for all using a customised analysis spreadsheet [43].