lowest common multiple

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the smallest multiple that is exactly divisible by every member of a set of numbers

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Since Telefonica UK's 25 content creators started using the eXact learning LCMS less than a year ago, their productivity has risen from some 1.
LCMS Model Strategy Options are derived from options strategies in the macro strategy plan.
The LCMS study Bible's pages are cluttered: two column printing, with a middle column that lists cross references-80,000 of them according to the Concordia web-site.
Furthermore, being based on XML technology, the eXact learning LCMS enables and facilitates the reusability of "chunks" of content.
I had become accustomed to enduring critical suggestions from about eight years' experience with the LCMS music committee.
Darren Lloyd, Tribal's Business Development Manager, Software Solutions, revealed that, "Feedback from users tells us that large organisations creating e-learning content for thousands of colleagues can reduce the time and effort that they invest in creating and managing learning resources by over 30 per cent when they use the eXact learning LCMS.
This was to succeed The Lutheran Hymnal (TLH) of 1941 used by LCMS and the 1958 Service Book and Hymnal (SBH) used by most other Lutherans.
com)-- Having learnt the value of a learning content management system (LCMS) through using it in its own projects, Tribal - the global provider of products and services to the international education, training and learning markets - is now distributing that LCMS to its clients.
The 1965 resolution of the LCMS convention clearly envisioned liturgical and hymnic materials "under a single cover.
Many of them could provide one or more of the things we were looking for in an LCMS - but only the eXact learning LCMS, from eXact learning solutions, could meet each of our exacting criteria.
By reading The Soaring Crane, one gains valuable insight into the Asian Lutheran mission and ministries within the ELCA and LCMS.