liquid crystal display

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a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field

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Noting that prices of LCD TVs are still high, Machida said prices of 30-inch LCD TVs should be lowered to less than 300,000 yen from the current 700,000 yen in order to realize widespread use.
One of the products offers a reflective LCD that uses a special reflector design and fabrication technology to enable a reflectivity of 40% and contrast ratio of 40:1.
LCDs will probably retain limitations in performance, including a restricted viewing angle and 50,000 times greater response time compared to LEPs with a consequent smearing of video.
Two of the four panels in the Marine LCD line are enhanced with high bright LEDs and a robust NVIS-compatible solution.
OLED displays are also thinner than LCDs. It has a faster refresh rate, which means that your screen turns on much faster than a typical LCD.
Ever since 1973 when Sharp introduced a pocket calculator with the world's first practical application of LCD, the company has evolved LCD technology and made it possible to introduce a number of application products including notebook PCs, PC monitors, color mobile phones, and LCD TVs.
The LCD industry may see similar tie-ups as makers are seeking ways to slash their production costs, an industry analyst said.
Shulklapper said that the average price of 30- and 32-inch LCDs was $3,215 in the third calendar quarter, which he expects to drop to $2,902 by the fourth quarter.
NEC gives customers at least a two-year notice so they can look at other products, submit last-time-buy forecasts and take delivery of LCDs.
"Sharp's new mobile ASV LCD technology offers design engineers high quality display technology similar to that which is used in our AQUOS LCD TVs.
Within LCD TV, the trend towards increased LED backlight usage is one of the most intently watched areas as an acute supply-chain shortage keeps the LED market segment from growing more quickly in 2010, although cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) models seem well supplied.
Sumitomo has positioned IT-related materials as one of its major areas of focus, centering on materials for liquid crystal displays (LCDs), and has been promoting an aggressive global expansion of its production bases.
S-LCD, founded in South Korea in April 2004, produces amorphous thin-film transistor LCDs for its parent companies.
These LCDs feature a rugged chassis to prevent ingression of dirt, mud, water or other contaminants.
The first is the recent development of optically rewritable LCDs. Like conventional LCD displays, the display is structured like a sandwich, with a liquid crystal filling between two plates.