liquid crystal display

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a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field

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The SGD touchscreen LCD display powered by the new SLCD5+ LCD controller board gives customers the 5.
5 Part One: FE-zesabony station - Visual passenger information system development (footboards new TFT LCD kE-lsoteriketoldalas perontEiblEik installation of new TFT LCD displays installed, 38 "inch track display underpass monitors installed, 1 installation INFO column) and noisy passengers informed of the TTS technologies.
The new LCD Display Arms offer a way to clear out the clutter while providing unmatched adjustment and range options for optimal viewing at a very affordable price, making our customers' everyday work life more productive.
As reported in its public filings, Focus Media maintains both an LCD display network and a poster frame network, among its several lines of business.
the best-selling, large-screen commercial LCD display supplier in the world, and Cisco, today announced a collaboration between the two companies that will deliver a function-rich digital signage solution to address the growing needs of the digital signage market.
When implemented in flat-panel LCD displays, Geo's ability to separately adjust the brightness of each pixel enables the chip to accurately compensate for the light-output non-uniformities that plague such displays, and yield significant improvements in image quality.
All NEC LCD displays are RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) compliant, containing fully disposable plastics and minimal amounts of hazardous materials, such as lead, hex-chrome, cadmium, mercury, PBDE and PBB.
Today, most grayscale LCD displays are able to display only 256 calibrated gray shades, due mostly to software and hardware limitations.
Applications such as phones, MP3 players, smart cards with flexible LCD displays, point of sales systems, vending machines, utility meters and medical handheld devices can take advantage of these new products.
With DVI-out and a sleek, small footprint design that is VESA mountable, the Rugged Mini can be easily attached to large LCD displays, kiosks, and most any surface.
As LED technology and brightness improves, small handheld LCD displays will require fewer white LEDs for backlighting," said Hyung-Sup Kim, ON Semiconductor's director for the Consumer Products Division.
the leading stand-alone provider of flat panel desktop and commercial large-screen LCD displays, today launched the new 19-inch NEC MultiSync LCD1990FX and LCD1990FXp monitors to meet the demanding requirements of customers in the financial and professional markets.
the leading stand-alone provider of flat panel desktop and commercial large-screen LCD displays, today introduced a new widescreen display to its MultiSync 70-series LCD desktop line.
NASDAQ: PLNR), a worldwide leader in flat panel display systems, today announced the latest advancements in 3D stereoscopic LCD displays with the availability of its StereoMirror 20- and 23-inch wide monitors.
The availability of DDD Mobile now makes it possible for handset makers to incorporate the latest 3D "glasses-free" LCD displays within their next-generation, OMAP processor-based wireless products.