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an electrical circuit that combines capacitance and inductance in such a way that a periodic electric oscillation will reach maximum amplitude

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"Principles of fault current limitation by a resonant LC circuit," IEE Proceedings-Generation, Transmission and Distribution, 139: 1-6.
(7) With extraction parameters obtained from (6), simulate the equivalent LC circuit model and compare with distributed CRLH TL.
By properly tuning the LC circuit, this method can also be used as a proximity sensor in industrial applications.
Therefore, the size of the external pressure can be got by the detection of resonant frequency change in the LC circuit.
Rotary part includes secondary core-less LC circuit, full bridge rectifier, filter capacitors and load-for example step or DC motor, or LED lights.
In addition, any LC circuit will oscillate at its natural resonate frequencies when shock-excited by a transient or other signal with very fast rise time that contains sufficient energy at its resonant frequencies.
Inside the reactor, remains accumulated energy, which must be spend by oscillating LC circuit. The second reason rises after breaking of current at small spaces between contacts, because this causes establishment of intermittent voltage between contacts, which cause reignition of arc and may be repeated consecutively several times (Uglesic & Krepela, 1999).
The Oleodinamica LC circuit selector valve is designed to allow control of several machine functions through a single joystick, eliminating the need to use three-way valves in parallel to control multiple, bidirectional circuits.
All high impedance structures can be studied on the basis of an effective model which consists of a resonant LC circuit. The fast and accurate modeling by transmission line model shows the computationally efficient results with respect to full wave electromagnetic analysis.
Due to this LC circuit, a resonance is occurred at a certain frequency.
Since ET is a resonant phenomenon, the transmission through the SFS can be computed with the help of the equivalent LC circuit of Figure 1(c).
The water-sensing component of the sensor is similar to many capacitive humidity sensors [11-13], which are based on changes in the capacitance of a capacitor that in turn shifts the resonant frequency of the LC circuit. As water accumulates on the capacitor's surface, the effective permittivity of the medium at the proximity of the capacitor increases significantly due to the high permittivity of water (about 70-80) compared to air (about 1).
Shklovski, "LC Circuit with Parallel and Series Resonance Alternation in Switch-Mode Converters", Ph.D.
The DGS can be represented as a parallel LC circuit and placing the DGS below the input transmission line increases the effective permittivity which in turn increases the effective series inductance of the microstrip line.
The circuit representation of the five-pole coupled-line BPF with equivalent circuits of the DGS, represented by a parallel LC circuit is shown in Figure 4.