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a buyout using borrowed money

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Perete though admitted the LBO cannot prevent Baldo or the others from leaving the country.
The potential for removing or loosening the guidance may already be having an impact on the LBO market and the overall leveraged loan space.
Established by Jean-Paul Lair, LBO offers its customers with services in food microbiology analysis, quality and reliability, competence, responsiveness and local logistics.
The measurements shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4 suggest that none of the bypass fuel is oxidized at incipient LBO since no additional CO is formed at this condition.
Mirae Asset, however, said its bid is not an LBO case, because the company is using its own shares as collateral to meet the acquisition cost.
Generally rich valuations can make LBO returns unfavorable with the more limited leverage levels associated with the current regulatory environment.
Reviewing the LBO months or years after the transaction entails a number of problems, including hindsight bias, free insurance for creditors, misaligned monitoring incentives, and heavy litigation costs.
Our analysis reveals that RLBO firms have undervalued equity at the time of the LBO and their valuation improves significantly after the private period.
last trading day before Bloomberg first reported the LBO negotiations.
SunGard, of Wayne, Pa., has sold large parts of the company and made substantial acquisitions, all the while paying down much of the debt it assumed in the LBO. All companies that go private finance their debts from in-house cash flow as well as by cutting costs and from divestitures.
By the time the LBO is completed-- which may have happened by the time you read this -- the premium accruing to Dell's shares could be as high as 30 percent or more.
Negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council on the draft regulation on roaming will mainly focus on tariff ceilings for retail and wholesale prices, as well as on the introduction of a technological solution local breakout', known as LBO. That is what was agreed by the EP and the Council during the first three-way talks, which took place on 7 March.
The company had $7,600 million in assets and $12,900 million in liabilities at its filing; most of the debt was incurred in the LBO.
7 April 2011 - French investment fund LBO France is due to sign by Monday with Barclays Private Equity an agreement on the acquisition of French online tour operator Karavel-Promovacances, daily Les Echos said today.