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Poage himself supported the New Deal as a Texas state senator and helped LBJ create an advisory council for local NYA projects, which introduced the ambitious director to important contacts in Waco.
Larry Temple, the chairman of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and a former White House counsel to LBJ from 1969 to 1971, has also read All the Way, and concurs.
President Obama and corporate leaders could learn a lot from LBJ.
Caro attributes this weakness to the scars LBJ carried from his father's failure, ater which his family had become "the laughingstock of Johnson City.
LBJ kept assuring his inner circle that he would formally announce his candidacy at the proper time; he was confident he would gain the party bosses' endorsement after they saw the obvious weaknesses of all the other candidates.
Forward-looking information includes, but is not limited to, statements regarding: the Company's volume and revenue related to the LBJ Project; the timing of the LBJ Project; and U.
Instead of merely imitating FDR and willy-nilly passing legislation, LBJ was cultivating different constituencies and updating liberalism for a new era.
Unique to LBJ is the facility's psychiatric housing wing and infirmary clinics.
LBJ least of all wanted to be a war president, but it was his misfortune to inherit a war that was probably unwinnable and that, by his own admission, he was ill-prepared temperamentally to conduct.
Hunt, 88, who is notorious organising the Watergate break-in, believes LBJ persuaded Kennedy to make his fateful 1963 appearance in Dallas and then - after arranging for snipers to 'take out' the President - tried to make sure he and his close allies were in a different limousine.
Built in 2000, Verona Apartments is located adjacent to LBJ Freeway and the Galleria Mall.
His tax cut also created a great economy in 1964 that funded LBJ's War on Poverty, which we all know was won when LBJ landed on the deck of that housing project roof amidst the banner "Mission Accomplished.
Bryce sets out to show how the history of the oil industry in Texas has led to the dominance of Texan politicians, starting with Sam Rayburn, LBJ, and the Bush dynasty.
LBJ and Congress had another busy year: the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Head Start program, a Medicare bill .
Michael Janeway's The Fall Of The House Of Roosevelt: Brokers Of Ideas And Power From FDR To LBJ (0231131089, $27.