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ForeThought supports current ATM standards and provides the critical extensions of Distributed LAN Emulation Services and multi-peer group PNNI.
We are delighted to have our LAN Emulation software receive the stamp of approval from a leader such as Microsoft," said Eric Cooper, chairman and CEO of FORE Systems.
As ATM grows stronger in the corporate backbone, Signalling and LAN Emulation performance have become key factors in making the heavy ATM investment worthwhile," said Avner Halperin, vice president of products at RADCOM.
ATM products that support LAN emulation enable customers to preserve their existing product and application investments as they migrate to ATM.
Software application modules include LAN emulation, Packet over SONET, IP over ATM and flow protocols.
A key element of this partnership has Softcom Microsystems embedding H&J's Soft-ATM(TM) ATM Signalling, LAN Emulation and ILMI software in its GigaBlade(TM) Network Accelerator.
Soft-ATM MPS is pre-integrated with other Soft-ATM subsystems such as the LAN Emulation v.
An optional LAN emulation client software addition enables the MAC-100 to participate in ATM Forum-based LAN emulation environments over the ATM wide area network.
The new Ethernet modules have their own LAN Emulation Client (LEC) software that is usually associated directly with the desktop device.