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a local computer network for communication between computers

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Major factors to influence the growth of the voice over wireless LAN market are efficient & low-cost WiFi solution, improved indoor coverage through WiFi, and its ability to handle increasing data traffic.
It was actually Lan's promiscuity and jealousness that led to his discovery as a foreign agent.
Although the console has support for ( wireless LAN , true offline LAN support makes game setup extremely easy.
LAN sensors are ideal for both programmers and nonprogrammers.
Under this agreement, temple will handle Optical LAN distribution for businesses, government agencies and other organisations.
Managed LAN Switch service serves as a single source for clients to access Etisalat's expertise, technology and infrastructure.
There is also increasing demand for 10GBASE-T, which allows low-cost communication via 10GBASE LAN cables; however, existing 10GBASE-T LAN cables are not user-friendly, as they are thick, stiff, and difficult to work with.
Latin American carriers were among the few airlines to turn profits in recent years as the global financial crisis hurt the industry, with LAN among the leaders of the pack.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-30 March 2009-Key Stream to transfer wireless LAN business to Renesas(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Today, with the growth of laptops, low-cost, high-speed Internet connections and wireless local area network (LAN) technology, many individuals routinely connect laptop computers to multiple networks at places like coffee houses, hotels and airports.
Chile's LAN Cargo operates 5,575 square meters of refrigerated warehouses at Miami International Airport.
With the easy availability of inexpensive servers, they say, students can launch a LAN (Local Area Network) from a dorm room and continue sharing music or video files.
A wireless solution has been developed and implemented for The King's School in Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK, by LAN 2 LAN, a mobile and integration specialist, providing full Internet access for 203 boarders at the school.
The State of Kansas has selected Alcatel for its wireless LAN switches and access points for use throughout the state's facilities.