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SSR 100/200 VPN software: IPSec & L2TP with DES $195 Sep.
11b/g compliant Wireless Access Point -- Robust double Firewall protection -- WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK and TKIP/AES Wireless encryption support -- Supports VPN pass-through of PPTP, L2TP and IPSec secured data connections -- Supports USB and Card Bus Port for 3G modem
As Gartner pointed out in their July 5th report titled Deploying Safe Wireless LANs, using proven security protocols such as IPSec and L2TP is critical to securing wireless LANs," said John Pescatore VP and Research Director for Net work Security at Gartner Inc.
With the Kyocera 200 module onboard and L2TP and IPSec in place, the financial transaction marketplace finally has a secure cellular router for wireless IP networks that is easy to deploy, cost effective and proven in the marketplace," said Bill Buchan, president of Ctek, Inc.
Adds IPSec and L2TP to its secure wireless LAN Routers
AT&T's private label L2TP capabilities -- offered as a part of its U.
With our patent pending multi-session IPsec/PPTP (Internet protocol security/point-to-point tunneling protocol) and L2TP "Pass Through" support, Nexland's devices permit telecommuters to access the corporate headquarters, while maintaining a complete firewall and encryption of the sensitive data.
In addition, their products also support the pass-through of other VPN protocols such as PPTP and L2TP.
The tests varied by vendor based on different standards, including IPsec, IKE, L2TP and certificates, as well as on different network configurations, such as client-based interoperability and server-based interoperability.
As part of the carrier services strategy, Metrobility plans to launch its AccessTDM(TM) technology, incorporating standards-based emulation technologies such as CESoP over Pseudo-Wires using MPLS and L2TP.
L2TP is an IETF standard that enables users to connect to private networks over the public Internet using "tunneling.
The corporate customer reduces costs by dealing with a single ISP for its global telecommuting requirements without having to increasingly purchase larger and more powerful L2TP Network Servers (LNS) to terminate thousands of tunnels from many POPs.