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English painter (1887-1976)

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Rebuilding of Rylands, Manchester, 1929, L.S. Lowry (1887-1976), pencil and pen on paper, 27x37.5cm.
The exhibition showcases pieces by famous artists such as Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon and Peter Blake as well as L.S. Lowry's The Old Town Hall and St Hildas Church, Middlesbrough, which were commissioned by the Friends of Middlesbrough Art Gallery in 1959.
ANSWERS: 1 The hornet; 2 L.S. Lowry; 3 A cantata is sung, a sonata is played; 4 The nightjar; 5 Lactose; 6 St Trinian's; 7 Softball; 8 Lyndon B.
A SUPERB and fresh to market painting by Salford artist L.S. Lowry is up for grabs later this year.
This is a painting of a street scene and it is signed "L.S. Lowry, 1935.I would appreciate your advice on it.
It will join a painting by Sir Stanley Spencer, offered by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, and one by L.S. Lowry, at the Defining British Art sale on June 30.
On one call we were asked to do a valuation on some paintings by Arthur McEvoy Delaney, an English painter whose scenes of Manchester life were inuenced by those of L.S. Lowry. His paintings have gained popularity since his death in 1987 and achieve high prices at auction.
But January''s issue is really special because it contains a reproduction of a drawing by that famous and well-loved artist of northern industrial towns, L.S. Lowry.
ANSWERS: 1 The wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales; 2 Morphine (Morpheus); 3 Ernie; 4 Pear; 5 Ireland; 6 L.S. Lowry; 7 The Lion King; 8 A yard; 9 Octopussy (1983); 10 St Peter.
DRAWINGS by L.S. Lowry, David Hockney, Henry Moore and others are on display at Oriel Mostyn in Llandudno.
He began documenting the changing face of football in 1989, taking L.S. Lowry's Going To The Match painting as a point of departure and has travelled the length and breadth of the country.