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hormone produced by the thyroid glands to regulate metabolism by controlling the rate of oxidation in cells

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The adequacy of L-thyroxine replacement is mainly based on the measurements of TSH, which is the most reliable marker.
Her most recent HbA1c level was 4.9% (30 mmol/mol) and also, she is euthyroid on L-thyroxine treatment.
More than one study have showed that the scores of erectile dysfunction are correlated with reduced FT4 levels, and L-thyroxine supplementation could restore erectile dysfunction in patients with overt hypothyroidism.7,26 Hence the severity of impotence may be associated with degree of thyroid failure.
Homocysteine and fibrinogen changes with l-thyroxine in subclinical hypothyroid patients.
Women who are already receiving L-thyroxine should be counselled to increase their dose of LT4 by approximately 25%-30% if they miss a menstrual cycle or note a positive home pregnancy test, and notify the obstetrician promptly.
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Hyperthyroidism was induced for 4 weeks by adding L-thyroxine (300 [micro]g/kg) to drinking water.
(11,7) Other advantages of a TT include achieving a definitive histology when a possibility of a thyroid malignancy exists and lastly, thyroid hormone replacement therapy with l-thyroxine is easily monitored using a simple blood test.
In the postoperative period, desmopressin treatment was initiated because diabetes insipidus developed and hydrocortisone and L-thyroxine treatment was initiated because of pituitary failure in the patient whose general status was well.
You'll have to take L-thyroxine hormone replacement therapy for life.
Interaction between simvastatin and L-thyroxine. Ann Intern Med 2005;143:547.
Only patients 3 and 5 were presently treated with L-thyroxine. Patient 3 had a previous diagnosis of hypothyroidism (Table I).