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a square plate bearing the letter L that is attached to both ends of a car to indicate that the driver is a learner

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So, the next time I'm in B&Q, buying self-tapping screws, furniture polish and a hanging basket and wondering what happened to the teenager who claimed she would never become interested in DIY, antiques or gardening, I sneak a pair of L-plates into the trolley.
ACROSS: 7 Stand-up 9 Odium 10 Aches 11 Surgeon 12 Ill 13 Triassic 16 Crackers 17 Tap 19 Othello 21 Omega 22 Snags 23 Enlarge DOWN: 1 Islamic 2 Bachelor 3 Odes 4 Dog roses 5 Fire 6 Among 8 Passive role 13 Tactless 14 In theory 15 L-plates 18 House 20 Hear 21 Owls
It is organised every year by Coventry Breakfast Rotary Club to give young people some basic training before they take to the roads for real on L-plates.
Less than than a third of learners lose their L-plates on the first go at Bradford's Heaton test centre.
Redmond, 17, who has only recently ditched his L-plates, tweeted: "It's been a mad couple of days.
In which decade were L-plates made compulsory for all learner drivers?
Other party trimmings include napkins carrying the message "drink triple, see double, act single", a veil with a string of fake pearls and traditional L-plates.
Learner driver Carol McIntyre was not displaying L-plates when she was stopped on Princesway, Team Valley, Gateshead, on February 5.
A 17-YEAR-OLD from Aberdyfi can throw away his L-plates and become the youngest ever competitor in the Wales GB Rally.
Great great grandmother Thelma Day can finally rip up her L-plates after passing her driving test after eight attempts - at the ripe old age of 79.
Youngster Lucy Instone is set to ditch her L-plates as she goes solo in her new electric wheelchair.
Learner driver Charlotte Church has been spotted driving her new car without her L-plates. The crazy chick has been learning to drive for a year and it was commonly thought she had finally passed her test.
Harrison said yesterday: "I've taken my L-plates off and I'm ready.
Teenager Katie Bailey had double cause to celebrate when she threw away her L-plates ( then discovered she had gained three straight A-passes in her A-levels.
Miss Buckingham said McVeigh Smith, who was riding with L-plates, was seen 'wobbling' on his machine which then went through a red light.