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a square plate bearing the letter L that is attached to both ends of a car to indicate that the driver is a learner

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L-plates rarely make an appearance at hen dos without bunny ears, fake veils and strippers in tow.
In which decade were L-plates made compulsory for all learner drivers?
Other party trimmings include napkins carrying the message "drink triple, see double, act single", a veil with a string of fake pearls and traditional L-plates.
Learner driver Carol McIntyre was not displaying L-plates when she was stopped on Princesway, Team Valley, Gateshead, on February 5.
A 17-YEAR-OLD from Aberdyfi can throw away his L-plates and become the youngest ever competitor in the Wales GB Rally.
Great great grandmother Thelma Day can finally rip up her L-plates after passing her driving test after eight attempts - at the ripe old age of 79.
Youngster Lucy Instone is set to ditch her L-plates as she goes solo in her new electric wheelchair.
But Charlotte told friends, 'My L-plates blew off in the wind.
Harrison said yesterday: "I've taken my L-plates off and I'm ready.
Teenager Katie Bailey had double cause to celebrate when she threw away her L-plates ( then discovered she had gained three straight A-passes in her A-levels.
Miss Buckingham said McVeigh Smith, who was riding with L-plates, was seen 'wobbling' on his machine which then went through a red light.
The source added: "One moment you are a learner with L-plates on your car and the next you are regarded the same as someone who has been driving for 30 years.
A provisional licence holder must display L-plates to the front and rear of their vehicle, and must be supervised by a driver with a minimum of 3 years experience and over the age of 21.
Only a third refer to the code after ditching their L-plates, the poll of 3,000 drivers found.
Ray already has his CBT - the test which allows bikers to ride a geared motorcycle with an engine size up to 125cc with L-plates - and is burning up the road on two wheels on his Yamaha WR125 X.