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a square plate bearing the letter L that is attached to both ends of a car to indicate that the driver is a learner

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RSA figures, published in the Sunday Business Post, showed 14,342 drive on their third permit, 11,305 are on their fourth, 9,355 are on their fifth licence, by the longest-L-plate driver h n 6,968 are on their sixth L-plate permit, 4,965 are on re their seventh while 2,008 are on their 10th permit.
These configurations will also be referred to as L-plate, M-plate, and H-plate, respectively.
BIRMINGHAM City's driving force Fabrice Muamba is ready to remove his L-plates on the Premier League pitches - if not on the gokarting track.
BIKE YIKES L-plate Maisie and her pillion pal after trip to the gym
MAKO VUNIPOLA has revealed England's old lags are being given the hurry-up in training by a couple of uncapped L-Plate merchants.
We've all seen them at the airport, the girls in tutus or T-shirts saying: Last Fling Before the Ring, with the bride sporting an L-Plate; and lads wearing I'm With Stupid slogans and drinking pints at 7am.
The fact the contest is over the L-Plate fourround distance is an irritant and a burden for Robinson, a fighter who needs time to glide through the gears.
Riley base two in the Isle of Man already has a similar scheme: a disc the size of an L-plate with the letter R - for "recent" - to forewarn other road users.
The bike may have had an L-plate attached to a rear suspension strut.
Look closer still and you'll notice a tiny L-plate fluttering from the leg of a trainee fairy and "pass" and "fail" columns on the examiner's clipboard.
ANGELA Deikin, 28, sprinted across the finish line carrying two L-plate balloons for her boyfriend who survived leukaemia.
Small is beaut iful for L-plate Bur for d LANCE BURFORD may not be posing any threat to Mark Wallis and CharlieLister in the Trainers' Championship, but the west Midlands handler can be proud of his achievements in his first year as a licence holder.
They're all there, from the ubiquitous Honda Cub which kep the company funded for so many years, through the 1970s L-plate favourite the CB250N to the CBR600 and Blackbird of today.
Taking off the L-plate from your parent's car means you have earned a new degree of freedom.
ADAM BARKER has taken his first flight as a lone "L-plate" pilot soaring way above the roads he won't be allowed to drive on for a year.