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great nature goddess of ancient Phrygia in Asia Minor

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Changing the names of the gods and goddesses with Greek roots and combining them with the gods related with the house and the fire, taking Isis from Egypt, Kybele from Anatolia, Mithra from Persia, Baccus and Ceres from Greek colonies, the mysterious Roman religions and the polytheism Pagan beliefs of Rome emerged.
The trust's clinical director for obstetrics Fiona Bryce, and midwives Kerry Morgan and Liz Floyd, are involved in Kybele, working with Ghana Health Service.
While, for example, there is some evidence that the taurobolium, in which initiates are bathed in the blood of a sacrificed bull, may have been practiced in the cult of Kybele, there is no evidence that this rite was ever practiced in the mysteries of Mithras, as was once claimed and White repeats.
Eating lunch at the Kybele Restaurant next to the the ruins of the 14th century Bellapias Abbey which stands impressively on the hill overlooking Kyrenia finished off our holiday perfectly.
Although few temples were devoted exclusively to the goddess, she was often found at the doorway to the temples of other deities, especially Demeter, Artemis, Persephone, Kybele and Hermes.
Kybele, Ishtar, and Ariadne ("the dance measure remembers a
In the satrap's court at Memphis we see another instance of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE ASCII.] wisdom, conducted by Kybele, the old chambermaid of the satrap's wife, Arsake, who aids and abets her mistress in her passion for Theagenes.
(36) Musteeriumiusundid jagatakse tavaliselt kahte ruhma: 1) Kreeka rahvuslikud musteeriumid (Demeteri ja Kore musteerium Eleusises, Dionysose-Backhose miisteerium, Orpheuse musteerium ja kabeiride miisteerium Samothrakel); 2) idamaised-hellenistlikud musteeriumid (Mithra, Isise ja Osirise, Attise ja Kybele jt idamaiste jumalustega seotud miisteeriumid).
Tapestry (0208 235 7777) have one week's B&B at the Kybele Hotel, with outstanding views of the bay, for pounds 390 per person (May).
The intensified segregation among men and women is symbolized in the location of the Kybele cult outside Troy's citadel in the caves at the Skamander river.
In fact, all of these goddesses and several others from the Near East, including Astarte and Kybele, shared the same attributes and fulfilled a similar function.
Arguably, the cult which has attracted the most attention is that of Demeter -- the Great Mother of Earth, also known as Magna Mater and Kybele -- and her lover Attis.