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a group of African language in the Niger-Congo group spoken from the Ivory Coast east to Nigeria

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Akash-ki ar-okta-ri okta-ri amensra rina, eka kwas Te jopear-COND le-jopear-2S.
Therefore, Kwas believed that such enterprises should devise proper planning schemes so that such domestic financial problems can be resolved, resulting in detraction of added values on the ultimate price of their products and services.
Rembrandt verbrand sy kwas nou is ek klaar met portrette skep onder inspirasie van Bois het ek die kwas laat glip--dit het gedrup en my Saskia 'n streep getrek
Because there was no significant effect of dose on any thyroid parameter, Kwas allowed to differ from 1.
Less Hydrochloric Acid," in response to a remark by Bishop Pieronek concerning "the feminist block of concrete that even hydrochloric acid cant break" (o feministicznym betonie, na ktory nawet kwas solny nie pomoze) (Zadra, no.
A further pounds 20m will be raised by KWAS in the form of bank debt.
Y el principal objetivo de la nueva presidencia de Kwas es el ingreso a la Union Europea.
That's why kwas are full of bearded 40-something men who sport velvet jackets and dandruff, and have the sort of halitosis that can strip paint at 40 yards, desperately on the look-out for their future partner, who is invariably a prissy 30-something woman with a floral frock and Esther Rantzen teeth.
Walter Kwas, while Semenko the beekeeper (163) sounds a little like Vasyl' Barka.
The larger companies enjoy better economies of scale," said Rich Kwas, a research associate at the NAREIT.
74) For example, a prosecutor who made a grievous tactical error at trial or who perceived that an otherwise winnable case kwas oing poorly might have made unwarranted and seriously prejudicial remarks in front of the jury.
Customs has created a Strategic Trade Office headed by a new assistant commissioner, Edward Kwas.
With illustrations by Susan Estelle Kwas and published by Chronicle Books, It's A Money Thing
Waar hy aanvanklik daarvan beskuldig is dat hy sy penseel soos 'n beitel hanteer, se Grannaci baie later aan hom: "Maar nou het jy met marmer begin werk asof jou beitel 'n kwas is waarmee jy skilder" (498).