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a Dravidian language spoken in eastern India

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Kurux and Malto have dorsal harmony and do not allow velars adjacent to a vowel next to a uvular, i.e., qVq or kVk are allowed, but not qVk or kVq.
9.3.2 The following word is attested in Brahui with no cognates in Elamite, Kurux, or Malto.
If there are no clear cognates with Elamite, Kurux, or Malto, they cannot be distinguished.
As a result, only Elamite and Brahui forms directly attest an /h/ in other positions; /h/ in Kurux comes from Munda or Indo-Aryan influences.
The only complication is that Kurux has the same change.
ps ps j 11.3 c- c z, s c c 11.4 -c- c s s c -cc- s cc ([section]) PZ PKxMt Kurux Malto PPD 7.1.2 *qi- *qe xe qe *ki 7.2 qa- qa xa qa ka 7.3 qu- qo xo qo ku 7.5 qe- qe xe qe ke 7.6 qo- qo xo qo ko 7.7 -q- G X G k -qq- q X q kk 8.1 ka- ka ka ka ca, ce 8.2 ku- ku ku ku cu 8.4 kuT- ku ku ku cu 9.1 ka- ka ka ka ka 9.3 kaT- ka ka ka ka 9.4 ki- ki ki ki ki 9.5 ku- ku ku ku ku 9.6 kuT- ku ku ku ku 9.7 ke- ke ke ke ke 9.8 keT- 9.9 ko- ko ko ko ko 9.10 -k- k k -kk- kk -k# ku k ku ku 10.2 h- 10.3 -h- [empty set] [empty set],k,v 10.4 [??]- 10.4 -[??]- 10.4 -[??] 11.1 s- 11.1 s- 11.2 s c c c c,v,y,0 11.2 -s# y y y y -ps?
as a subgroup; yet the partial agreement of Brahui and Kurux probably still counts for something" (1980: 327).
3.2 Kurux has a complex phonology in which all dialects do not necessarily agree on all details.
3.4 It is patently obvious that Kurux and Malto are closely related since they share substantial portions of their morphology as well as numerous etyma.
Kurux and Malto must have separated in the historical period while connections to Brahui are millennia old.
The etyma uniquely shared by Brahui (Br.), Kurux (Kx.) and/or Malto (Mt.) in the DEDR (Burrow and Emeneau 1984) are as follows:
First, the pattern of etyma shared with Brahui is not significantly stronger with Kurux or Malto than with any other single language.
This article also indicates that Kurux and Malto separated 1,500 years ago.
However, there are similarities in the patterns of the velars (and uvulars) in Kurux and Malto on one hand and in Brahui on the other.
4.2 Kurux (also Kurux, Kurukh, and Oraon) is a major language with over two million speakers spread over three nations and five states of India.