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the political party founded in 1911 by Sun Yat-sen


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To discover why, it is valuable to compare him with these V.I.P.s, especially with regard to their support for the Kuomintang of China.
All of the V.I.P.s stand out in regard to the amount and quality of propaganda they did for the Kuomintang of China. Hemingway, by comparison, had been decidedly impartial, thus excluding himself from membership in the V.I.P.
Was Hemingway the kind of writer who preferred to deny facts rather than lose face as the recipient of overwhelming hospitality by the Kuomintang of China? Gellhorn, either because she took such hospitality seriously or out of patriotism because China was an American ally, made flattering remarks about Chiang Kai-shek's clique in public, while privately displaying her dilemma as a journalist who believed her journalism could be a weapon (see Moreira, 142-144).
The classified document recently released by the government of Taiwan shows us the intentions of the Kuomintang of China, revealing the existence of the International Department of the Ministry of Information and exposing its propaganda operations.
(3.) In this essay, I'll use the expression "propaganda for the Kuomintang of China" because the classified document was produced during The Second Front (1937-1946).