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Austrian chemist who did research on carotenoids and vitamins (1900-1967)


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El propio Kuhn se dirige hacia una revolucion mayor en la filosofia de la ciencia.
This intriguing, if modestly scaled, exhibition was a timely reminder of a body of work that deserves to emerge from the shadow cast by the artist's legend, and made a significant contribution toward the more widespread recognition Kuhn undoubtedly deserves.
The historical approach has the advantage of hindsight--something that Kuhn, as everyone, lacks while the work is in production.
The Kuhn Cinema's owners, Richard and Darla Pitts, have poured both love and money into the 1936 Art Deco movie house at 668 Main St.
In commenting on his visit, Kuhn said, "It's always a pleasure to visit Ross and observe the intellect, passion and focus of the students and faculty.
Kuhn joins Endurance from Axis Capital, where his most recent role was chief underwriting officer of Axis Insurance, and, prior to that, chief executive officer of the North American division for Axis Insurance.
Kuhn will join Endurance, a Bermuda-based specialty provider of property and casualty insurance and reinsurance, next week.
Kuhn (1970a) introduced paradigms to historically explain the process of theory development in discontinuous successions of normal and revolutionary periods; his theory refuted the orthodox assumptions of the then dominant falsificationism.
The event featured The Stonefield Commission, one of Kuhn's largest moving metal and glass pieces, and included a preview of hand-selected glass artistry from the Kuhn Studio Collection.
Kuhn nasceu em 18 de julho de 1922, em Cincinnati, no estado de Ohio, Estados Unidos, e faleceu em 1996.
Christopher Kuhn, 27, of Hamilton, New Jersey, was arraigned Tuesday night.
This is amazing news because Golde is often an under-served, broadly played character, but Kuhn brings dignity to every role she inhabits.
KUHN Farm Machinery will be demonstrating its mowers, baler-wrappers and rake ranges at Rhug.
In Fear and Learning in America: Bad Data, Good Teachers, and the Attack on Public Education, concerned administrator and proud Texan John Kuhn assesses the causes and effects of fear in the nation's public school system.
KUHN RIKON OPENER: Kuhn Rikon has introduced the Ultimate 5-in-1 Auto Opener, a traditional-style can opener with a twist.