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Basic Health Centers, that is small clinics staffed by a midwife and doctor, are in Jumarj-e Bala, Maymay, Jarf, Qala-e Kuf, and the Jaway valley.
Hasat zamaninin yagisli olmasi da kuf mantarlarina bagli meyvedeki enfeksiyonlari ve bulaslari arttiran diger bir nedendir.
Dernah (Werner 1908b, as Pamphagus orientales); Derna, Wadi Kuf, Tolmetta, Merg (Giglio-Tos 1923, as Acinipe orientales); Koefia (3 specimens found by Zanon (1924) on a bush of Rhus oxyacantha and identified as Pamphagus elephas; see below: "species inquirendae"); Bengasi, Derna (Salfi 1925, asAcinipe orientales; Salfi 1926, asAcinipe orientales cyrenaica); Ain Mara (Salfi 1927a, as A.
Data regarding Epoetin use, serum ferritin concentrations, transferrin saturation levels, iron use, KUf (a measure of fluid removal), and actual time on dialysis were also analyzed.
It begins at the end of the month and entries are invited from individual players and existing clans who should email kuf.europe@phantagram.com to register an interest.
289 hastanin degerlendirmesine gore; polenlere %87 (ot: %66 ve agac: %21); akarlara %51; otlara %66; agaclara %21; kuf mantarlarina %8; hayvanlara %6 ve besinlere %6 oraninda duyarlilik saptandi.
Schneider Electric, Coltrols Ltd Moinuddin (PEL), Aamir Khanzada (Pegasus), Imran Ul Haque( Engro Terminal), Wamiq Bokhari (PPL), Amir Hussain (Best Services), Agha Israr (Qapco), and Shahid Saleem (Kuf Pee).
Also, the word is usually spelled differently (tshikaves, with a yud instead of an ayen and a kuf instead of a khaf).
El flujo de sangre suele ser el factor limitante aunque tambien pueden influir el hematocrito, las proteinas y el diseno del filtro independientemente del Kuf.
In Qala-e Kuf (the village where the motor road starts) a man said that their local language is disappearing.
The revised deal allows Etihad Airways and S7 passengers to book flights from four Russian regional cities, Kazan (KZN), Samara (KUF), Krasnodar (KRR) and Saint Petersburg (LED) for travel to and from Abu Dhabi and beyond, connecting with Etihad Airways' daily Moscow services.
Tum cilt testleri (ALK-Abello, Prick-test diagnostic, Madrid) negatif kontrol ve pozitif kontrol olarak histamin kullanilarak, standart inhalan alerjen paneli olarak akar, kuf, cim ve agac polenleri ekstratlari kullanilarak yapildi.
This comment, however, would only be true if the relevant background norm was Hanaf[i.bar] law, which gave the woman's 'asaba the right to annul her marriage to a male who is not her peer (ghayr kuf') if she married him without its knowledge and consent.