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United States filmmaker (born in 1928)

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Kubrick married Susanne Christiane Harlan in 1958 after having met her on the set of Paths of Glory (1957) in Munich.
Some of the essays show only minimal awareness of previous interpretations of the film, many of which are listed in Wallace Coyle's Kubrick bibliography (G.
Kubrick, of course, was the legendary, almost mythic director of visionary, brilliant films like Paths of Glory, Dr.
You might not expect a movie concerned with Stanley Kubrick to be a larky cream puff, but thanks to Malkovich, Color Me Kubrick is just that.
Apparently the real scam artist, who eerily died a few months before the real Kubrick did in 1999, was rather low-key about his impersonation.
legendary film critic and screenwriter James Agee even took Kubrick out
A point he makes about Kubrick's method may be equally true of his own approach to film criticism: 'By always paying the same degree of attention to the act of listening and looking, no matter what it is that we see and hear, Kubrick gives us a different perspective on existence.
Colour Me Kubrick has been written by the late filmmaker's longtime personal assistant Anthony Frewin and is based on events which occurred during the shooting of Eyes Wide Shut.
Stanley Kubrick had been working on the idea for the picture for some 20 years.
Why did Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick want Spielberg to direct Kubrick's A.
Inspirada en la cinta que el fallecido cineasta Stanley Kubrick que nunca pudo hacer realidad, el filme futurista se debate entre la frialdad del primero y la inocencia del segundo.
5 million, it set new standards in special effects: It was the masterwork of Stanley Kubrick, following films such as Spartacus, Lolita and Dr Strangelove, Its co-creator was Arthur C.
Perhaps Kubrick had a very different agenda from the ones that his unhappy reviewers and fans ascribed to him, for I saw "Eyes Wide Shut" as a Marxist analysis of sex in society.