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Boer statesman (1825-1904)

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The Krugerrand is an example of collectable coins; other collectable coins include the Mint's Natura and Protea Series.
8) Indeed, for 1975-1978, the Krugerrand was the predominant governmentissued gold bullion product available for individual American investors, representing an estimated 75 percent of all U.
Among the stolen keepsakes was a Krugerrand ring owned by Dorothy's husband, William, who died 31 years ago, and a silver bracelet in memory of her great-nephew who died as a baby.
A national legal tender gold coin will stand as an internationally recognised symbol of pride and recognition of the UAE's achievements much like the Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Nugget, South African Krugerrand and others.
And even though currency has now moved on from being backed by gold standards, bullion coins are still minted as a form of investment, examples being the South African Krugerrand, the U.
Existing legal tender gold coins such as the Australian Nugget and South African Krugerrand are popular among buyers as a vehicle to invest in pure gold.
The first year 1980 one-tenth ounce Proof Krugerrand, sells for up to 20 times more than its gold value.
The major gold coins are the British Sovereign, the South African Krugerrand, the Canadian Maple and the U.
You can bet your last Krugerrand that a procession of Government ministers, civil servants and shiny-suited slickers are already eyeing up their free seats and looking forward to their corporate hospitality.
The man her children began calling "Papa" frequently attended gatherings of her family and gave her son a South African Krugerrand at his First Communion, she said.
20 gold coins, which are numismatic-type coins, are not like kind to South African Krugerrand gold coins, which are bullion-type coins, whereas in Rev.
Krugerrand showed his liking for the Knavesmire with his third win in the Symphony Group Stakes.
In "Born Again" we see a tribute to the deployment of the Krugerrand in Rabbit Is Rich, a meditation on Bob Dylan's Christian conversion, and an elegiac notice of the transition from the funky seventies to Reaganite winter.
2) The largest demand is for jewelry and investments (which are often lumped together because it's hard to categorize Krugerrand cuff links or ingot necklaces).